La promotion 2017-2018

Article paru dans Monet Times fin 2016 : https://monnettimes.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/destination-shanghai-le-du-chinese-business-and-management/

Session 2015-2016 :

I am officially going to stay and work in China for a while! I am really happy to have been hired in the company where I started my internship for the DU “Chinese Business and Management”

 I am very lucky to have had this opportunity, which would not have been possible without the program (.... ).So I am really grateful (...)  to the staff both of Jean Monnet and Shanghai Normal University for giving us the chance to live this wonderful experience.

I also wanted to thank a lot Mr Faugère for the creation of this great exchange program and Ms Loubaresse for her kind help.

 More than a year after the beginning of the DU, I still love discovering this country and it couldn't make me less happy to know that I will continue this Chinese adventure by working in Shanghai.

Many thanks again for everything, 谢谢你们 !!  DECEMBRE 2016 -  Téo Doremus


« This year has in some way been an eye-opener for me ».

“This year has been beneficial not only from an academic point of view but also from a personal point of view”.

“Never would I have imagined that this internship in Shanghai would lead me to experience so much in such a short period of time”.

“This internship was my third in a law firm. Nevertheless, I think that this is the one where I learnt the most”.

“The Chinese Business and Management Course is the reflection of the strong commitment of Paris-Sud University to implementing solid partnerships with universities across China and to helping students broaden their horizons and refine their professional aspirations”.

“This internship has been an excellent and rewarding experience. I strongly recommend the Chinese Business and Management programme to all students contemplating the idea”.